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Accessing Rhodes

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) views disability as an integral part of diversity at Rhodes College. Through collaboration, we ensure students with disabilities experience access and inclusion in their educational programs through accommodations or other modifications. SAS offers the following support resources.


  • Access Accommodations—Students wishing to connect with SAS to request academic accommodations and/or housing access accommodations should complete the application procedures.  
  • Support for Temporary Impairments—Students with temporary impairments (e.g., concussion, broken bones, injuries, etc.) rising to the level of disability may benefit from campus resources and/or provisional accommodations.
  • Distraction-Limited Testing Room—The Testing Room, located in 303 Barret Library, is a non-proctored, distraction-limited testing space accessible by fob only to Rhodes students with approved testing accommodations. Students must use the Testing Room Appointment link to schedule each test time. Testing Room procedures are also listed at the end of student electronic course accessibility letters.

Accessible Digital Materials

  • SensusAccess—SensusAccess is a tool that allows you to convert your PDFs and other digital materials into accessible formats. Simply upload a document, choose an output method, and the converted document will be sent to your Rhodes email address within 10 minutes. For example, you could convert a PDF file into a text file, audio file, or e-book format.
  • For more help on using SensusAccess, check out the following resources.

Support Resources

  • Laser Coaching—Students, bring your syllabi and map out a detailed plan for the week.  Learn strategies for improving time management, avoiding procrastination, and increasing motivation.  Mondays at 3:00pm in Armstrong Room, Burrow Hall 4th floor.  Free & no diagnosis required.  Led by Ben Boeving, ADHD Coach, at or 901-848-3350.
  • Private ADHD Coaching—Private one-on-one coaching sessions for an additional fee.  Contact Ben Boeving, ADHD Coach, at or 901-848-3350 to discuss coaching details or to schedule a free consultation. 
  • Kurzweil/Firefly Learning Software—Kurzweil/Firefly is an assistive technology research-based resource designed to enhance learning. It is especially helpful for multisensory, visual and auditory learners by offering text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and study/writing tools. Kurzweil is cloud-based and accessible from your tablet, smart phone, or personal computer. Rhodes has a site-wide license making this software available at no cost to all current employees and all students. 
  • Resources for Faculty & Staff—Information on accessibility best practices and more are available on the FacStaff Public Information Student Life Box Folder

Campus Access

  • Report an Access Barrier—Rhodes strives to prevent all barriers to access and remove existing ones through maintenance and response to reported problems. If you encounter a physical, electronic, or programmatic barrier, please complete the Report an Access Barrier Form so we may address it as quickly as possible.
  • Campus Accessibility Map—The Campus Accessibility Map notes accessible campus routes, building entrances, restrooms, and parking locations.
  • Lynx Cart Service—Complimentary intra-campus transportation for persons with mobility and chronic health impairments. Contact Campus Safety at 901-843-3880 for a transport.

Questions?  Please call 901-843-3815 or email Melissa Butler at